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Where Does San Antonio Rank for Average Teaching Salary?

You are currently viewing Where Does San Antonio Rank for Average Teaching Salary?
Teachers are some of the hardest workers in the country.
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The financial analytic website, MoneyGeek, published their list recently which ranks the average teacher salary for metropolitan areas. For the overall average of teacher salaries, San Antonio ranked number five. However, there is a caveat to this. This is not just for the average teacher salary of the average teacher working in an elementary, middle, and high school. This also includes college professors and other post-secondary educators. With all of these averaged salaries in mind, Texas comes in with an average salary of around $64,031.

The city ranks as high as it does only thanks to the average that comes from the higher education roles.

The average post-secondary teacher’s salary is about $73,872. On the ranking of just these salaries, San Antonio comes in as the seventh highest metropolitan city. If you eliminate these salaries and rank the cities purely on the salaries for teachers working in a kindergarten through 12th grade classroom, San Antonio does not even come in the top 10 cities, rather San Antonio ranks as the 33rd city. The average salary for a kindergarten through 12th grade classroom teacher is $49,065. The national average for teachers of this level is $66,745. Texas as an entire state had an average roughly $8,000 less than that.

This is important to note when considering the cost of living index of San Antonio as well, which is 91.8. also, means that San Antonio is below the national average cost of living, however, it is also significantly below the national average for salary for a teacher teaching kindergarten through 12th grade.

Despite the average salary for all teachers in San Antonio earning it a top five ranking, teachers are struggling.

Texas is not in a great condition at the moment for teachers. Governor Greg Abbott is highly politicizing the salaries of teachers. There is a battle going on between the Texas state Senate, House of Representatives, and Governor Abbott. One body will pass a law, the other will alter it, and the last will veto due to the changes. It has been an ongoing cycle resulting in no changes actually being done. It is a highly dangerous and risky business for the state to get into, leaving teachers to suffer as a result.

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