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What Challenges do Heavy Haulers Face?

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Heavy haulers like us at San Antonio Car Transport face unique challenges. The transportation industry is vast, and it carries with it a wide variety of loads and regulations for haulers to grapple with. It takes a while for new hauling companies to get their footing. However, we’ve been at this for a long time now. Therefore, we know just how to tackle all of the special challenges that heavy hauling companies encounter. Here are just some of the problems we encounter with our hauls and the solutions we came up with to deal with them.

Heavy hauling is dangerous? Partner with insurers!

Let’s face it: heavy hauling is an inherently dangerous business. Being out on the road is dangerous enough, but heavy haulers face even greater danger than most. With their huge vehicles and massive loads, it’s a huge challenge to keep everything safe and in perfect condition. And sometimes, even the best drivers can do everything right and still get into an accident.

So, how did we handle this? We partnered with an insurance agency to ensure our customers that their loads are covered no matter what happens. Accidents are inevitable, but all of our drivers carry the coverage necessary to protect the finances of everyone involved. Heavy haulers have to ship niche equipment that isn’t easily replaced. As such, our insurance coverage is extensive, so we can make sure we can replace anything damaged in transit.

Regulations vary state-to-state? Create a permitting agency!

Every state has different regulations surrounding heavy hauling, and sometimes those regulations even vary within the state. It’s a tall order to keep up with all of that, especially when we want our drivers to focus on safety on the road. So, we needed to find a way to keep our drivers up-to-date with all of the latest regulatory changes across the entire US.

We tackled this problem by creating our own permitting agency to do the dirty work for our drivers. Our permitting agency challenges its agents to stay completely up-to-date on heavy hauling regulations all over the country. These regulations change often, but with our dedicated team of permitting professionals, we stay on top of it.

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