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Waymo Minivan Run Amok! Hilarious Video Shows It Slowly Losing Control

You are currently viewing Waymo Minivan Run Amok! Hilarious Video Shows It Slowly Losing Control
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Waymo, the autonomous vehicle (AV) company whom apparently will be working with rideshares to deliver people without another driver having to be present, ran into a couple of road blocks. Well, we shouldn’t say road blocks. Maybe it’d be more appropriate to say traffic cones. The robotaxi operated through Waymo’s infrastructure had been wandering around town in a very confused sort of manner. This, therefore, is introduced in the very video that can be seen here by YouTuber JJRicks Studios. This is to show that Waymo has done so many different variations of self-driving. Level 4 autonomy has Chrysler Pacifica minivans driving around. On their own. Little to no supervision.

Waymo used to use safety drivers in the car. But with Level 4s? It’s almost totally unneccessary. Unless if you’re the passenger. Then, some safety monitoring is expected. Robot rides are usually habitual. The video is a bit of a doozy, as not only are their glitches that cause the van to be unsure about the next move, there’s also some dizzying speeds that the van operates at. The video itself, as a whole, is already quite a lot. To see a Waymo car make unprotected left turns is incredible. The road conditions never totally seemed so manageable as it was back then.

JJRicks Studios | May 12, 2021

The problem with Waymo is that there were certain cones clearly marked, both in real life and on the on-screen navigator. Yet, the minivan still managed to hit those cones with little to no regard. Consider that Waymo is pretty smart to have even designed vehicles on their own. It’s a legendary business to be involved with. You could only find yourself being as lucky as to be considered a candidate for Waymo and their passenger-picking-upping service. This would be a welcome moment to accept robots into our society.

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