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Waterparks Set To Open Before 4th of July

Waterparks Set To Open Before 4th of July
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San Antonio, TX; Waterparks, and other high-population areas will be set to reopen before the 4th of July weekend. San Antonio, while experiencing a lower count of COVID-19 cases than the rest of the country will plan to reopen splash zones, wave pools, and public swimming.

While maintaining safety protocols these public areas are looking to make a splash during the 4th of July ceremonies. The parks can open as long as safety protocols are put in place.

San Antonio has had a relatively easy time handling the COVID-19 crisis. While they may have seen a slight uptick in cases, the city itself is planning on fully reopening to the public. In the meantime, businesses that have been allowed to reopen must adhere to a strict 6-foot policy and can only operate at a 50% capacity.

While some argue that pools and large-scale public places are still too dangerous to reopen, the thought of businesses being shut down has also created a substantial amount of worry.

One of the biggest concerns is that these parks attract many out-of-staters and non-locals. For the waterparks, this is where their revenue is generated from.

The Following Waterparks Will Reopen before the 4th.

  • Lincoln Park, 2803 E. Commerce
  • Elmendorf Lake Park, 235 Shore Dr.
  • Cuellar Park, 502 S.W. 36th St.
  • Southside Lions Park, 3100 Hiawatha
  • San Pedro Springs Park, 2200 N. Flores
  • Roosevelt Park, 330 Roosevelt
  • Woodlawn Lake Park, 221 Alexander Ave
  • Kingsborough Park, 350 Felps St.
  • Heritage Pool, 1423 S. Ellison Dr.
  • Spring Time Park, 6571 Spring Time
  • Lady Bird Johnson Park, 10700 Nacogdoches Road

In the meantime, average temperatures are heating up as Summer has arrived. For the country, this is the season where many ventures out and travel, but due to the virus, many have not had the experience that they are looking for.

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