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Volkswagen Following Tesla with Over-The-Air Software Updates

You are currently viewing Volkswagen Following Tesla with Over-The-Air Software Updates
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Volkswagen is now following suit for Tesla. How? Well, the German Automaker is decidedly doing the world a favor by sending updates. But through “over-the-air” updates for the ID electric vehicles. Tesla has already been doing this so for Volkswagen to follow suit like this is very telling of how much the CEO respects Elon Musk.

However, customers are going to only be able to get the updates by going to the dealerships themselves. That’s how Volkswagen is doing it apparently. Tesla has been pioneering this technology for ages but Volkswagen is really just trying their damnedest to catch up.

And one would assume that Volkswagen is really trying to be a bit more aggressive.

But honestly, it’s left up to the users. There is a whole new software ecosystem that is being built inside the vehicles not too much unlike the consumer electronic industry. Chances are, the software VW makes is still miles behind Tesla.

This is the case since their updates are going over-the-air, on a small consumer-like electronic. Such as an iPhone or a laptop. Tesla themselves have been using the capability to push for bug fixes and new feature introductions. While also the user interface is going within the inside of the vehicles themselves. There has also been a great big selling point of enabling the vehicles with new features, years after the actual VW cars have been delivered.

Volkswagen has been making mention of the latest software update enabling electric vehicles to receive software updates. In an announcement made earlier, Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 models are now able to receive newer functions and in-depth technical updates through W-Lan or mobile networks.

Vehicles providing software versions of ID2.1 are able to receive over-the-air software updates. Volkswagen users should receive the following software updates through Wi-Fi connections. How great!

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