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Undocumented Immigrants Can Choose To Be Sent To The Capital

You are currently viewing Undocumented Immigrants Can Choose To Be Sent To The Capital
Willing immigrants of the undocumented variety are actually going to be sent to the nation's capital. Why exactly? That's yet to be seen.
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If you’ve heard from Governor Greg Abbott about it, then you may already know that there’s a major issue with undocumented immigrants. Specifically, in that there’s just too many of them at once. So the Governor believes that because local leaders in the state happen to find themselves fed up with the federal government by way of releasing migrants into so many communities, that they are better off heading to the nation capital.

Abbott claims this is derivative of a response to President Joe Biden and the administration’s announcement that they will lift a pandemic public health order. This decision is unfortunate for Texas because it could increase the number of migrants entering Texas. The order is well-known as Title 42 and up until know has been effective in blocking most migrants from entry into the United States, while seeking protection for beyond two years.

It’s according to the Biden administration that the order is looking to end on May 23rd. That’s the instance that sparked praise from civil rights organizations and oh, so many Democrats. Meanwhile, there’s been a fair share of pushback from the part of Republicans.

Including Governor Greg Abbott.

It’s he who said that “To help local officials whose communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the administration, Texas is providing charter buses to send these illegal immigrants who have been dropped off by the Biden Administration to Washington, DC.”

Now, Greg Abbott thinks he’s doing the undocumented immigrants a service.

But he’s really not. the problem here lies in a governor that doesn’t care to take responsibility over his state. Still, Texas has managed to assemble about 900 buses for the whole operation. Usually, migrants are released from federal custody right after they cross the border. And they they get processed and given paperwork that allows them to stay in the country only for a little while while they still have to appear in immigration court afterwards, in order to make their case.

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