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The Best San Antonio Summer Activities

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The Alamo is a great San Antonio summer destination
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San Antonio is a lovely summer destination for anybody, local or foreign to the area. However, it can be difficult to pick between all the amazing things to do! So, whether you’re a habitual snowbird or a San Antonio summer veteran, here’s what you should get up to when you’re here.

Mission Reach Paddling Trail

Those who like to cool down and enjoy the summer on the water will love this paddling trail! Mission Reach is 8 miles long and takes you right up to, you guessed it, Mission San Jose. Enjoy your lazy ride down the San Antonio River for as long as you want. Then, you can go get your history fix at the Mission! You also get a nice view of Padre Park for your money’s worth. This trail is a great way to cool down while getting some local history to boot.

Riverwalk Summer Artisan Show

If you find yourself in San Antonio in early August, then you have to head to the Summer Artisan Show! Here you can find handmade crafts galore, from pottery to woodworking and everything in between. It’s the perfect place to get a gift or memento of your San Antonio summer trip. And it’s right on the beautiful San Antonio River Walk, which has plenty of beauty and fun without this event! You can spend hours strolling through a hot summer evening here.

The Alamo

No self-respecting traveler would skip the Alamo. The battle to which it lends its name remains incredibly famous to this day. So, even parents with kids disinclined to history may be able to get them to pay attention. And if your summer trip actually looks like it’ll be more of a spring trip, Fiesta San Antonio starts on March 31st and centers on the Alamo. All the more reason to soak up the site of one of our country’s most famous battles.

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