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San Antonio Car Transport Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are a contract between San Antonio Car Transport and the client along with their duly authorized agents, (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”). These contract Terms and Conditions shall be incorporated by reference into and made part of any and all orders placed with San Antonio Car Transport by the owner(s) or agent(s) designated in the Order Form.

The company, San Antonio Car Transport, is a fully licensed and bonded Transport Management Company registered with the USDOT. The Client understands that San Antonio Car Transport is a registered transportation and property broker. As such, San Antonio Car Transport only acts in the capacity of a broker. Therefore, the Client allows San Antonio Car Transport to contract licensed and insured Motor Carrier(s), (henceforth referred to as “Carrier”) to transport the Client’s vehicle(s), as laid out in the shipping Order Form.

Any shipment booked by the Client through San Antonio Car Transport is subject to these Terms and Conditions, as well as to the terms specified in the Bill of Lading.

Shipment: Dates and Locations

1. The Client acknowledges and agrees that San Antonio Car Transport is authorized to arrange transportation from the pickup location to the destination location, as specified in the Carrier Order Form. In addition, the Carrier which will be assigned by San Antonio Car Transport is approved to transport the Client’s motor vehicle(s) from the locations designated for pickup and drop off. And these locations shall be determined within the shipping order and Bill of Lading.

2. Then, the designated Carrier will pick up and deliver the Client’s vehicle(s) as close to the Client’s desired locations as possible. This shall be done according to legalities as well as safety concerns. A new location may be agreed upon between the Client and Carrier if necessary. This may need to happen due to any legal concerns (ex. restricted areas, etc.) or unsafe conditions (ex. low hanging trees, narrow streets, hanging wires, etc.).

3. Weather issues, mechanical problems, road delays, or other unforeseen conditions could result in delays prior to and/or during shipment. Therefore, there are absolutely no guarantees for dates and times regarding pick up or delivery. San Antonio Car Transport will provide the Client with an estimated, but not guaranteed, date for delivery and pickup.

4. In addition, San Antonio Car Transport will not be held responsible for any costs of damages or losses that occur due to delays of any kind or for any reason. This includes Client’s car rental fees or any other type of accommodation fee. In addition, San Antonio Car Transport cannot be held liable for the failure of mechanical or operating parts of the Client’s vehicle.

Preparation for Transport

5. The Client is responsible for preparing their vehicle(s) for transport. In order to do this, the Client must remove and/or secure any loose parts (ex. any low hanging spoilers, fragile accessories, etc.) In addition, the Client must take off any outside mounted storage or racks. Basically, any items that are not permanently attached to the vehicle should be removed before the transport. The Client also must disable any alarm system installed in the vehicle. If they do not, they must then provide instructions for the Carrier to do it. If they do not provide the Carrier with keys or instructions to turn off an alarm, and the alarm sounds along the transport, the Carrier is authorized to silence the alarm by any means.

6. Unless otherwise noted within the order, the Client must present all vehicles to the Carrier in good running condition. In addition, if any part of the vehicle falls off during the transport, it is the responsibility of the Client, not the Carrier. In addition, this includes any damages resulting from those parts to any vehicles(s) and/or person involved.

7. Because San Antonio Car Transport ships nationwide, it provides vehicle shipping services to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico by the use of vessels. Thus, for any orders involving Ocean Transport, the Client must completely empty vehicle(s) of everything except for factory-installed equipment. Contact our Ocean Freight specialist directly.

8. If the vehicle detailed on the shipping order is inoperable or oversized (ex. dual or oversized wheels, lifted, racks, extra-large, limo, etc.), the Client must notify San Antonio Car Transport and inquire about possible additional charges.

9. If the Client is unavailable to be present at the point of pickup or delivery for any reason, they must elect another person to act as their agent. Even when designating an agent, the Client understands that all the same terms and conditions apply.

Personal Belongings in Vehicle

10. The Client may place personal belongings inside the vehicle to be transported along with the vehicle. Generally, if the luggage or belongings exceed 100 lbs., the Client should discuss the matter directly with the Carrier. Both the Carrier and San Antonio Car Transport are not liable for any personal belongings within the vehicle. Also, neither are liable for any damages caused to vehicle due to excessive or improper loading of said personal belongings.

11. The Carrier will never ship or agree to ship any dangerous or harmful personal possessions in the Client’s vehicle(s). This includes, but is not limited to explosives, firearms, ammunition, flammable materials, negotiable or legal papers, narcotics, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, money, live pets, furs, live plants, etc. Essentially, no items will be transported that are considered illegal or dangerous. And, the Client agrees that San Antonio Car Transport or the Carrier is authorized to remove and/or dispose of said dangerous items. If this occurs, no compensation will be given to the Client.

12. In addition, both the Carrier and San Antonio Car Transport will not be held responsible for delivery of any personal possessions. If the Client wants to leave anything in the vehicle, it is at the Client’s own risk.

Inspections: Recording Damages

13. Both the Client and the Carrier must thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damages at the time of the pickup (this applies to the exterior only). Then, they should complete a vehicle inspection report. This report is then recorded on the Bill of Lading. Both the Carrier and Client must acknowledge and agree upon the condition of the vehicle at this time. Then, the Client must sign the Bill of Lading. They should receive a copy after it is signed.

14. Then, at the time the vehicle is delivered, the Client and the Carrier should thoroughly inspect the vehicle again, looking for any damages that occurred during the transportation process. Then, the Carrier and Client must both acknowledge and agree on the current condition of the vehicle. After, the Client will sign and receive a final copy of the Bill of Lading.

15. If there are any damages, they must be written on the Bill of Lading in the designated place. Then, the Client must sign the Bill of Lading. If the Client signs both the Bill of Lading and the inspection report without noting any damages, that means that the Client has agreed and verified that they received the vehicle in a satisfying condition. This also verifies that the Carrier no longer is responsible or liable for anything involving the Client’s vehicle.

16. All responsibility is given to the Carrier after signing the Bill of Lading. The Carrier is required by law to carry a Cargo and Liability Insurance policy. San Antonio Car Transport will provide the details of the Carrier’s insurance policy to the Client upon request. The Client agrees that San Antonio Car Transport is not responsible for any property damage claims to the Client’s vehicle. Instead, the liabilities fall upon the Carrier and the Carrier’s insurance. However, neither San Antonio Car Transport nor the Carrier will be held responsible for damage caused by force majeure (i.e. damage from storms) or any damages that occur from worn/broken parts of the vehicle or added personal belongings.

17. The Client also agrees and understands that San Antonio Car Transport is only responsible for procuring a Carrier for the shipment of the Client’s vehicle/property. Thus, it is the Carrier that accepts all responsibility of the vehicle after the first inspection is completed and the Client signs the Bill of Lading. After the Carrier delivers the vehicle, the final inspection is completed, and the Client signs the Bill of Lading, the Carrier is no longer liable.


18. If the Client chooses to cancel their order, they must contact their representative or another member of San Antonio Car Transport right away. However, the Client has the option to cancel a transportation order with San Antonio Car Transport 24 hours before the pick-up date with NO CANCELLATION FEE. After 24 hours, cancellation is charged with the deposit.

19. In addition, the Client agrees that San Antonio Car Transport has the right to reject or cancel any order. San Antonio Car Transport may cancel an order at its sole discretion.

Transportation Payments

20. Once San Antonio Car Transport has selected, assigned, and dispatched a Carrier for the Client’s shipping order, San Antonio Car Transport will notify the Client based on the contact information given during the booking process. For all orders placed through San Antonio Car Transport, a non-nonrefundable deposit consisting of a small part of the payment is required after pickup. By accepting the order form, you authorize us to charge the non-refundable deposit. This nonrefundable deposit is calculated according to factors of the shipment. This includes variable such as the type and condition of the vehicle; the type of shipment requested; and the distance of the shipment (according to the pickup and drop off locations).

21. San Antonio Car Transport’s services are considered rendered once a Carrier is assigned to an order and begins travel to the pickup location. Therefore, the small deposit fee charged upon the pickup is considered the payment for services already rendered. For this reason, the deposit is nonrefundable. Any remaining payments are due to the Carrier at the time of delivery.

22. The Client is responsible for providing the full payment owed when the Carrier delivers the vehicle. These payments can be made in the form of money order, cash, or cashier’s check. Other forms of payment, such as business checks, credit or debit cards, should be agreed upon between the Carrier and the Client prior to the delivery. Please note that funds must be made payable to the delivering Carrier and not to San Antonio Car Transport.

23. If the Client is unable to make the payment, the Client understands that the vehicle will then be stored, at Client’s expense. The vehicle will be held until the Client pays all transport charges in full. In addition, if the Client (or the Client’s selected agent) is unable to accept the delivery for any reason, the vehicle will also be stored. Then, any storage and/or re-delivery charges will be the responsibility of the Client.

24. In addition, the Client agrees to pay the full price of the shipment that is owed to San Antonio Car Transport or the Carrier in full. This means that the Client agrees to not attempt to dispute the payment for any reason (such as damage claims, delays, or other unforeseen circumstances). If there are any of these issues, the Client must note them on the Bill of Lading. After, the Client should file a claim with the Carrier’s insurance. This is considered a separate matter than the payment for transportation services.

Disclaimer: Liability

25. According to this agreement, San Antonio Car Transport is relieved from any and all actual or alleged causes of action, loss, liability, claims, demands, injuries, and/or damages (to persons or property). San Antonio Car Transport is not responsible no matter if these are brought by an individual or another entity and then imposed by a court of law or by the administrative action of any federal, state, or local agency, as a result of any acts, negligence, omissions, or willful misconduct of San Antonio Car Transport or the Carrier (or any personnel, agents, or connected parties). This includes, without limitation, the payment of any penalties, fines, attorney’s fees, or other related expenses, in addition to any reimbursements to the Company for all legal expenses and costs incurred by it.

26. In addition, these terms shall override all previous written or oral communication between San Antonio Car Transport and the Client. Once a Client books the services of San Antonio Car Transport, they have agreed to all of the above terms. The Client warrants that they have read this agreement in its entirety and accepts the terms.

By partaking in a transaction with San Antonio Car Transport, the Client understands and agrees to the above terms. In addition, the Client waives any claims based on not reading or understanding these terms and conditions. The Client will not hold San Antonio Car Transport responsible for any costs or fees that arise due to not reading, understanding, or having knowledge of the contract terms for San Antonio Car Transport laid out above.