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Suspicious Death of 27-Year-Old El Paso Woman: Police is Investigating

You are currently viewing Suspicious Death of 27-Year-Old El Paso Woman: Police is Investigating
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El Paso, Texas –A 27 years-old woman’s death was considered as a suicide by the time the body was found. However, El Paso police are investigating a suspicious death.


The woman’s body was found at a home located at 10200 block of Whitetail Drive in northeast El Paso on August 18. The woman was identified as Amber Marie Mena.


As soon as police received a call out to the home, police officers headed to her house and bound the body in the back of the home.


Police spokesman Darrel Petry finds the death of Mena suspicious. The last time Mena was seen by the neighbor was few hours before her death.


The neighbor who gave this information decided to remain anonymous.


According to a neighbor, Mena always had lots of people coming over to her house. She also heard some rumors about her. Some people said she is in touch with bad people and probably using drugs.


She also said the last time she saw Mena standing in front of her house and having a difficulty to get in.


The woman’s death brought worries among neighbors. According to the anonymous lady, they are planning to have a watch group for the neighborhood.


She believes it will help to prevent future tragedies.


The death of Mena is being investigated. El Paso Police Department ask people who have information regarding the death to call at the number 915.832-4400, or Crimes Stoppers of El Paso at 915.566.5477.



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  1. Anon

    The suspect that was arrested for killing her was relieved of the charges. Any updates on it?

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