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Staying Safe All Spring Long

You are currently viewing Staying Safe All Spring Long
Spring draws more people outside!
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As we are in the peak of spring, we get to enjoy all of the perks that come along with this season. Better weather comes out for more days, where it is a nice combination of not too hot and not too cold. Today for example, is the perfect date as April 25th typically falls at a perfect place for that weather. But, with the nicer weather means things like more people on the road (both in cars and walking around), more animal activity, and so much more. These all pose risks when driving so here are our tips to stay safe on the road all spring long!

Be aware of more people being out and about!

The nicer spring weather draws people out of the house more to go out on the town. This usually means more traffic at the not steady traffic times, but it also means more people on foot walking around the road, especially in the city. It is important to be aware of this so that you are more cautious when driving on city roads.

Additionally, people do more roadside activities in spring such as biking. Be aware of bike lanes and look out for any bike riders to avoid any sort of collision! Furthermore, roadside construction typically increases in the spring, so pay attention while behind the wheel for any sudden change in traffic patterns due to road closures from construction.

Be aware of more animal activity!

Just like it does with people, the warmer weather draws more animals to be out and about. Some literally leave their caves of hibernation, meaning they are really re-exploring outside life for the first time in months. Be cautious when on the road, especially in more woodsy areas, as an animal could jump out into the road at any time!

Pay attention to the road conditions!

Things like potholes are more prevalent in spring. Be aware of these when driving along and try to avoid a drastic, sudden reaction. If possible, merely go around the pothole calmly. If you cannot, the next best option is to slow down a bit and go over it carefully.

Along the same lines, drive accordingly if weather changes affect the road. For example, if it is raining, understand the road is now more slippery, so driver slower and more cautiously.

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