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San Antonio Elementary School Put On Lock Down Because Of Shooting… 2 Injured

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A shooting near the intersection of Morning St and Wheatley Ave put a nearby elementary school of lockdown. Deputies responded around 2:15pm on Monday to the scene.


Two men suffered gunshot wounds as one was in critical condition. On scene, a car was found on, specifically a Nissan sedan. One of the injured men was found in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and the other in the back of a store.


Both of the men were taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center. The man in the driver’s seat of the sedan is suffering from critical injuries.


Multiple shots were fired, along with several shell casings found at the floor of the scene. The police have no additional details regarding the shooting suspects.


Gates Elementary School which is located a block away from the shooting location was placed on lockdown. No one was allowed to leave or enter the school. The lockdown was lifted before the school finished at 3:20 pm.


Police do not believe that the school is in danger because of the shooting. There is no threat.

This area is very prone to violence. It is not a scenario that has not been seen before. More recently, it has been calmer. Residents of the area stated that since the closing of a store that was located at the intersection, the number of crimes has decreased.

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