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San Antonio City is Working on New Set of Proposed Rules for Scooters

You are currently viewing San Antonio City is Working on New Set of Proposed Rules for Scooters
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San Antonio city leaders are studying the set of proposed regulations for downtown scooters.750 electric scooters are already in San Antonio. A native San Antonio said you can catch a scooter as you see one and take off.


Scooters are all over the city and you can get across the downtown in minutes.


Now the available apps give riders some suggestions on how to ride safely, but the city yet has to come up with a set of hard and fast rules for users.


The city is getting ready to set up rules for electrical scooters. City officials are studying the example of other cities related to scooter regulations, such as Austin, St. Louis and Dallas.


Users are not going to be allowed to ride them on the sidewalks anymore.


The director of the center city development and operations department, John Jacks, said they are trying to tell people to ride scooters in the same way or same place as a bicycle.


The requirements for riding a scooter is the age over 16. Helmets are not required. Yet, there would be some places downtown where scooter couldn’t go at all.


Jack said this is to make sure the sidewalks, bus stops, high pedestrian areas are not blocked.



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