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San Antonio Actor Commits Suicide On Facebook Live

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A new trend is rising on social media and it’s not a very good one. Recently, we have heard of many reports of suicides being broadcasted on Facebook live. This is not only a trend in the United States but also a trend in many parts of the world. Calling this a trend simply is saddening and frightening because of the unrighteousness of the situation.

The most recent incident reported was an aspiring actor who was born in San Antonio, Texas. The suicide happened in Los Angeles where he shot himself in the head, while in his car while on Facebook live.

Fredrick Jay Bowdry, who was 33 years old, was found dead in his car in North Hollywood on Monday. He was a father of six and had nine movie and television roles.

The victim was arrested last week on suspicion of sexual assault in Santa Clarita which involved a female companion. He was later released on bail.
Bowdry’s relatives had called the Los Angeles Police from Texas reporting his suicide threats on Facebook, but sadly, he was not found on time.

Facebook has removed the video since then.

Two other events which happened not so far in the past were teens not more 14 years old. The first Katelyn Nicole Davis was twelve years old. She broadcasted her suicide on Facebook live. In the video she explained her reason, she was a rape victim. She hung herself from the tree near her house. The last minutes of her video so her lifeless body hanging from the tree. The other was Nakia Venant, a 14 year girl who was a foster child. Her friends reported her suicide video on Facebook live but authorities did not reach the house on time because they went to the wrong address. She hung herself with a scarf from the shower door frame.

These events are tragic and hopefully they do not add up and stop here.

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