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Relief For Truckers: COVID-19

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Truckers have been pushed to the max. With COVID-19 leaving stores bare and necessities unfilled, many truckers are working long hours in order to deliver to towns in need. Unfortunately, this has put a massive strain on truck drivers across the country who are looking t help in any way they can.

Relief Packages are Backed Up

The current strain on the industry has put even the most veteran drivers in a bad spot. From low supplies to closed truck stops across the country, all truck drivers from novice to expert are overextended. Many have requested relief packages to help their families while they practice self-isolation. For many businesses, they cannot keep up with the demand that many truckers are requesting.

Truckers Test Positive for COVID-19

It was expected at this stage in the national emergency. Truck drivers are falling ill. The steps that many have taken to self-quarantine have come up short handed.

For some businesses, they have found that over 300 drivers have tested positive for COVID-19 and are on mandatory isolation protocol. They have since looked for relief in terms of benefits packages or sick days. Due to the drastic increase in sick workers, may businesses are unable to keep up with those demands.

Relief from Inspections and Hours

In order to keep stores on track and stocked, many restrictions have been lifted. Truckers can now work over 8 hours per day and will sometimes work 13+ hours. Another major weight lifted off of the industry is DOT inspections.

This time of the year always puts an extra level of stress on drivers and fleet operators. During this period, many are suspect to random inspection screenings. Many are stopped and are given the full round of inspections to continue to maintain effective driving safety standards.

Thank You To Those On The Road

For the men and woman dealing with this pandemic away from their families and loved ones, Thank you. Your commitment to helping towns and people in need does not go unnoticed. We understand that you have extended yourselves well past the regular point and even the face of what is happening, you still decide to push through for everyone here during this time. Thank you.

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