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‘Ready To Work’ Initiative Gives Training Program To The Community

You are currently viewing ‘Ready To Work’ Initiative Gives Training Program To The Community
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Some business leaders are behind a huge announcement that talks about some program called “Ready To Work.” It’s an initiative that may potentially help many families leave poverty behind.

Are you ready to work? Because Texas looks ready to change!

Plenty of employers that rep businesses small and large are through the city utilizing words like “one of a kind” as well as “unprecedented.” This is in anticipation of a program that can find and train qualified employees well enough to pull people from poverty.

Beyond 70 companies have pledged to associate themselves with SA: Ready To Work. This is essentially a workforce development program that has been driven by a 1/8 percent sales and use-tax. This will be collected throughout December 2025. About 77% of San Antonians will vote for the initiative.

In one statement, the folks have made their resolve known. “What makes this program different than previous workforce initiatives that were funded with federal dollars to the American Rescue Plan, is this training will be led by our local businesses to get people specific skills and education for higher-paying jobs.”

Ideally, 40,000 people will be taking these training programs right when SA: Ready To Work is launched. City staff is making a presentation to City Council on Wednesday. Council members are voting to make the program a reality as soon as next week.

“There is no other city in the country that is taking that amount of money and investing in human capital, workforce development and economic development,” says City Manager Erik Walsh.

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