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Preparing for a Total Solar Eclipse

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This is roughly what we can expect to see in Texas when the eclipse starts.
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Experts have already announced the next expected solar eclipse, expected to hit around April 8, 2024. This is going to be a rare total eclipse (no Bonnie Tyler, not of the heart). Every time scientists announce various solar and lunar eclipses, people around the country and world fill with anticipation and excitement. Residents in San Antonio are especially expressing excitement, as the city is in the expected region to fully experience the eclipse in totality. This means that those in the city will be able to witness the sun fully covered by the moon. Events are already being planned all around the city and the state of Texas as a whole. The viewing in Texas is likely to be so good, it is anticipated that millions will travel to the state to get a peak at the once in a lifetime sight.

Since we have about two months to prepare, how does one prepare for a total solar eclipse?

Well, one of the first things that is incredibly important to do is obtain the proper protective eyewear. There are specific eclipse glasses that are made and sold purely with the intention to be used to view such a phenomenon. These provide the best protective layer that still provides a great view. We suggest getting your own pair as soon as possible, as they often sell out quickly. Make sure you research the brand you want to buy from as many make and sell these glasses without meeting the certain requirements to actually be protective.

Another thing you can plan ahead of time is where you want to view the eclipse.

You can do it simply in your own backyard or travel to a more remote, isolated area. We do suggest that either way you opt for somewhere with reduced light pollution for the best viewing. Planning a road trip or camping trip for the eclipse is a great way to have fun with it!

Lastly, plan to stay in place for a bit after.

This step is truly up to you, but we suggest being comfortable with staying wherever you are for a little bit after the eclipse has passed. It will just help cut traffic down and keep you safe. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to watch the full cycle of the eclipse!

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