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Porsche Crushes The Competition With The New 911 Dakar

You are currently viewing Porsche Crushes The Competition With The New 911 Dakar
Porsche is evolving from the 911 Safari into a new age: the 911 Dakar.
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Porsche happens to be not releasing the 911 Safari anymore. This is definitely one of the most surprising news to come out of recent times. This is because the 911 of new is going to be called the Dakar. Do you know why? Well, the Dakar is a more specific reference to the race. There’s a couple of similiarities, sure. But that’s nothing to stop Porsche from showcasing all of what this vehicle can be, just like the 911 Safari from the East Africa Safari Rally of the 1970s.

The Company Of Porsche Has Studied This Decision Extensively.

When you look at the Porsche 911 Dakar, you are looking at a vehicle that was able to win the race right back at the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally. For the win, Dominique Lemoyne and René Metge would be able to drive this 911 to victory at such a rally with flying colors.

Porsche would do everything and anything to distance it’s brand from being known as the “Safari-centric” nuts everyone labeled them as. It makes sense that the name was outdated enough to be closer aligning with aftermarket professionals.

Still, when you have a name like the Porsche 911 Safari, there’s a certain ring to it. Whereas the 911 Dakar has no grounding to really lift off from. The Porsche company, in any case, is certainly starting from nowhere.

So what does it have going for it so far? It’s a 911 with all-wheel-drive, a natural aspiration to sweep the nation, and of course, downsized brakes that can fit even the smaller rims with a higher profile of tires. That’s not problematic at all, really. Just a new beginning.

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