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Population In Alamo City Boosts Thanks To 13,000 New Residents

You are currently viewing Population In Alamo City Boosts Thanks To 13,000 New Residents
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Essentially there’s been an influx of individuals moving into our town between 2020 and 2021, all according to the latest United States Census population data.

On the list of numeric gains, this town has grown thanks to an influx of 13,000 individuals relocating over. This has therefore, totally outpaced the rate of other Texan towns, with their growth looking rather slim with only 1,000-something newcomers coming into town. The Census Bureau was only able to rank cities with populations of above 50,000 denizens.

San Antonio had maintained the status as the seventh-largest city in the country of just around 1.5 million people. Phoenix is home to a large group of 1.6 million residents within city limits, being the fifth biggest in the country.

Plenty of individuals fresh to San Antonio while getting work opportunities of course with the COVID-19 pandemic. There are more reasons for family members relocating.

Resident Natalie Koock with three teenagers was mentioning how closures and challenges are brought by the pandemic in a dramatic community. It was difficult for her to run the residential pool service company that had been built. A friend recommended San Antonio to Koock and there had been “so many close connections that feel like family. And there were just so many opportunities and doors open for me once I did look into San Antonio. When I came from a shutdown city, this was still a thriving city.”

San Antonio didn’t quite top 15 fastest growing cities, percentage-wise July 2020 to July 2021.

However, suburbias in San Antonio certainly did.

The quickest-growing towns originally had populations near 100,000.

Towards the I-35 corridor, New Braunfels is about the fifth across the nation with 8.3 percent growth in such a time. Such a suburb has been able to gain 7,538 new residents — laying it down new total population of 98,857.

The nation’s fastest-growing large places by population are too widely found in the West and the South.

Moving quicker to family is a major part of what was brought to Jose Borquez and his wife to San Antonio from Portland. It’s where two of their kids live. The weather is warm enough to benefit the wife’s health. The pair looks to travel to more cool locations while it’s all hot during that time of the year.

Borquez has been pretty happy with all the kind people met since relocating to the area.

Jobs often are the biggest reason about why people have been drawn to San Antonio. Of course being in the city allows for more of a draw of people coming in. That seems to be a consistent area of concern for new San Antonians.

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