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The Police Officer Killed the Suspect in Local Dispute in San Antonio

The Police Officer Killed the Suspect in Local Dispute in San Antonio
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A police officer in San Antonio fatally shot the suspect after receiving a call that a man threatened to kill a 15-year-old girl.


The shooting by a San Antonio police officer took place three weeks after an incident when a police officer was killed during vehicle break-ins investigation. In addition, in November another San Antonio police officer was fatally shot when writing a traffic ticket.


Police Chief William McManus said that the shooting took place on Monday was after the two police officers came in the division before 7 a.m. Finding the front door open they came in. Later, the officers heard shootings and withdrew since a third officer came.


“The suspect walked out brandishing a gun and rejected requests from the officers to drop it”, said McManus. In addition, McManus also added that the suspect was going to shoot the officers. In this case, the officer had no option but to use deadly force.


Furthermore, the other police officers did not shoot, said McManus. He also added that the suspect was arrested at the home on a family violence custody.
The names of the officer and the suspect were not released immediately. The 15-year old girl, two younger children, who were at home were not injured, said McManus.


McManus also added that the police officer who fired two shots would be placed on administrative responsibility throughout the investigation.
Police also said that in November, investigator Benjamin Marconi was conducting a usual traffic stop outside police HQs when a gunman closed Marconi from driver side window shot him twice and drove off. Later the suspect told that he “lashed out” as he was anxious “over a child custody battle”.

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