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Plaid+ Tesla Model S Variant Is Canceled Due To Redundancy

Plaid+ Tesla Model S Variant Is Canceled Due To Redundancy
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I mean, what else can we really chalk it up to. The Plaid itself is “just so good” as Elon Musk so aptly puts it. There is a version of the vehicle that was supposedly going to offer maybe 520 miles of range before running low on batteries, compared to the 390 miles on the regular old Plaid. But in any case, the Plaid+ has attached a base of $149,990. The price of which was listed on Tesla and their website on Monday. However, there’s no real likelihood that they could or would make a reservation for it from then on. The usual Plaid is looking to start at about $119,990.

Even then, there’s plenty left to know about Tesla and their Plaid+ that we are not totally aware of.

This may be due to the company not being so sure of what they can realistically offer. Which kind of makes sense. They really are a pretentious collective of work. And it doesn’t entirely make any sense. but really, what makes me perturbed about all of them is the very reality that they could easily be rewired to represent evil in the renewable energy business. And it’s not great to hear that type of thing. But really what we all have to remember is that these shortcomings come with long and painful reminders that the bigger you grow the more selfish you could show as a representative of vehicular responsibility.

So does Elon Musk really realize what he’s doing here? Is he mortal like the rest of us, simply because he thinks World Of Warcraft is addicting? Or is there more of a frat boy sensibility that we’re all missing out on? This is yet to be seen as the company is still in some weird spot of proving that they can be as memorable as Ford, Volkswagen or Transformers.

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