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Motorcyclist Run Over by 18-Wheeler in San Antonio

You are currently viewing Motorcyclist Run Over by 18-Wheeler in San Antonio
The view from the road next to an 18-wheeler.
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Friday afternoon around 12:15 pm, a motorcycle crash occurred where a motorcyclist was run over by an 18-wheeler. The crash occurred on the West side of the city.

The motorcyclist was going west on the Route 410 access road and highway 151 when as he tried getting onto the loop he hit a barrier. This caused the man to fall off his Harley-Davidson Motorcycle and get run over by an 18-wheeler truck passing by at the moment.

The victim passed away on scene. Police are notifying the victim’s family, after which they will likely release the victim’s name. It’s important to remember people when they pass away, especially in circumstances like these. However, that doesn’t mean that these circumstances are particularly extraordinary as far as these things go.

Motorcyclist Killed by 18-Wheeler One of Many

Motorcycle accidents are a very common occurrence in the San Antonio area due to the fact that the region is populated with many motorcyclists. Overall, the number of collisions is at an all time high. Due to the frequently occurring motorcycle accidents, they have been ranked a major safety and economic issue for motorcyclists in the area.

The most common situations where motorcycle accidents include:

Vehicles turning left

  • Makes up for 42 percent of all crashes between motorcycles and vehicle

Head on Collision

  • Has the highest number of fatalities rates

Lane Splitting

  • Occurs when motorcyclists drives between two lanes

Speeding and Alcohol

  • These factors play a role for half of the motorcycle accidents that occur

Accident between Motorcycle and Object

  • A whopping 25 percent of motorcycle accident deaths occur due to this

It is said that the number of deaths that occur due to motorcycle accidents are 26 times more than car accident deaths. Motorcyclist deaths accounted for 13 percent of deaths due to vehicle accidents.

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