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Mini JCW 2022 Hardtop Anniversary Edition gets British Racing Green

You are currently viewing Mini JCW 2022 Hardtop Anniversary Edition gets British Racing Green
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The Mini JCW 2022 Hardtop Anniversary Edition is here honoring 60 years of Cooper racing, as the first Mini with a “Cooper” badge on it that went racing in 1961. Thankfully, it is exclusively painting in British Racing Green.

Mini JCW 2022 Hardtop

Mini says this JCW Hardtop is going to feature white bonnet stripes with red outlines. It also comes with a white roof and white mirror caps. It looks like a Christmas car, in a way, with all of the JCW’s standard red accents. Moreover, the colors are supposedly deriving from Cooper Car Company design motifs and it looks good.

Plastered across both the hood and doors of the Anniversary Edition, you will notice the number 74 is plastering. The first Mini Cooper ever to race was given the number 74. The Cooper Car Company logo on the car’s side scuttles and side sills denote it as the Anniversary car.

Three Generations of Cooper

The Mini does honor the three generations of Cooper inside with the three signatures of those who did work closely with the carmaker. It did etch into the cockpit fascia: John Cooper, John Michael Cooper, and Charlie Cooper. In fact, the steering wheel has a retro “Cooper” logo in the bottom spoke. It automatically does include a panoramic moonroof and touchscreen navigation featurewise.

Performance Innovation and Performance Pedigree

“John Cooper did, in fact, kicking off 60 years of performance innovation with the original Mini Cooper. This is the Anniversary Edition that does honor the Cooper legacy. It has helped define Mini’s performance pedigree over the last six decades,” said Patrick McKenna. Mckenna is the head of marketing product and strategy for Mini USA.

In limited numbers, Mini says it will be selling this Anniversary Edition. Thus, if you want one, the starting price is going to be $40,750. It will include the destination fee. Moreover, they are available to order from dealers now.

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