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Metroplex In Talks To Created From Neighboring Cities

Metroplex In Talks To Created From Neighboring Cities
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If anyone expects anything, it’s for the city of San Antonio to be joined properly with the city of Austin. The reason why? It would just look better. Here’s the thing about those cities. You want them to be bigger. Why? Because you know that it’d be foolish for anything else to be the reality of the townsfolk. That’s the idea of a metroplex.

This comes from the reputation that Central Texas has been creating for themselves as a hubs in the country althroughout the 2010s with newcomers enterring from real estate prices soar. In which case The best thing to be done is to make sure that the Central Texas area can be unified under one complete metroplex.

It was even seen that in 2013, the metroplex spot for San Antonio could be even better against Dallas Fort Worth.

Central Texas earned a reputation as one of the fastest-growing hubs in the country throughout the mid-2010s as newcomers from near and far flocked and real estate prices soared. As the area began experiencing growing pains, Jewett saw an opportunity in nearly the entire I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio.

San Antonio is Giving Rise To A Huge Change

“I have been in San Marcos for 16 years and I have just watched tremendous growth… and so I just decided that we needed to tap into that audience,” Jewett said. “I wanted something that could try to cover a regional area and not just a local area, even though that’s what I started out thinking about. And during those eight months, it finally hit me upside the head that it’s growing like crazy.”

While San Marcos’ Hays County exploded by over 50% to become the fastest-growing county in Texas from 2010-2020, Austin was heralded as a “boomtown” by new transplant Elon Musk and the thousands of techies that soon followed. The Texas capital city-turned Californian haven was the fastest-growing large metro in the country in 2020, according to the Census Bureau.

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