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Meth: $20- Million Dollars Worth Of Meth Uncovered At Border

You are currently viewing Meth: $20- Million Dollars Worth Of Meth Uncovered At Border
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San Antonio, TX – A large quantity of meth has been discovered along the border of Texas and Mexico.

A 27-year-old was stopped at the Mexican border attempting to cross into US territory. Upon entry into the country, border patrol sniffed out the truck carrying the load.

This is another significant strike our officers have made on the methamphetamine smuggling industry,” said Carlos Rodriguez, port director of the Port of Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas. “Large seizures like this one underscore the severity of the drug threat and show that our officers remain fiercely dedicated to upholding our border security mission.”

Large quantities of meth are creeping their way into US territories. With the demand for it high in the state of Texas, alone, the supply typically goes through the Texas border.

Meth Usage Increases In Texas

Texas is no stranger to meth. With the majority of the US production set in the border of the “Lone Star State”, many out-of-the-country producers are heading to the next meth gold-rush.

The truck carried 521 packages of rough-extracted methamphetamine’s. They were located in the truck floor.

Throughout the Midwest, meth is one of the most common drugs of choice. The production can be just as dangerous as actually smoking the drug. Many producers in the state use trailer parks and backyard labs to produce. This has had the potential to danger not just those working on them, but for the surrounding areas too.

“A meth lab explosion can lead to numerous injuries for those not just manufacturing the drug, but for children and residents who live beside the production area,” says Jason Stinton a resident of San Antonio.

The safety issues with manufacturing leave many dealers to find outside sources. Thus, the large quantities are shipping across the border at a larger rate.

Drugs are a major issue in America, with people resorting to harder drugs to get a better kick, the thirst does not end.

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