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McDonald’s lovers rejoice, McDelivery hits San Antonio streets

You are currently viewing McDonald’s lovers rejoice, McDelivery hits San Antonio streets
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You will get McDelivery when you put McDonald’s and UberEATS together.


San Antonians are joyful because McDonald’s and UberEATS have officially partnered to introduce McDelivery to nearly 50 restaurants in the area. When using the UberEATS app or customers can enjoy their favorite McDonald’s menu items without ever leaving their house or work


“With UberEATS, you can get the food you want, where you want it, delivered at Uber speed. We’re thrilled to partner with McDonald’s to give fans in San Antonio easy access to their McDonald’s favorites at the tap of a button,” said Henry Carr, General Manager at UberEATS. “McDonald’s is one of the most searched restaurants in the UberEATS app, so we’re excited to deliver more of what our customers are craving through this partnership.”


Locations in the San Antonio area have already started Table Service and other conveniences that make a difference for customers, according to a press release. McDonald’s is goning to bring mobile order & pay to all 14,000 U.S. locations later this year.


Ruben Flores, local San Antonio McDonald’s owner said, “We have 13 local owners participating in McDelivery with 49 restaurants that stretch across the city. We are ecstatic knowing that this partnership will allow our customers to enjoy their favorite menu items whenever and wherever they want!”


McDelivery will also begin in Houston and Dallas.



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