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Man Arrested Months After Fatal Shooting at Illegal Gambling Operation

You are currently viewing Man Arrested Months After Fatal Shooting at Illegal Gambling Operation
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A man in a Southern state was arresting Sunday on suspicion of murder months after a fatal shooting at an illegal gaming room, according to police.

Man In Question Linked to Shooting

The local police did accuse Alejandro Issac, 52, of killing Rudoph Alderete Jr., 47, on July 25th. Then the San Antonio police did begin investigating Alderete’s death. It was shortly after he arrived at the hospital with gunshot wounds where he did later, in fact, die of his injuries.

Later on, the investigators were led to Issac after obtaining the footage of the shooting. That did, in fact, happen inside an illegal gambling operation at 2520 SW Loop 410, was according to the arrest affidavit.

The footage which was talking on the cell phone did show Alderete walking over to Issac. Then, therefore was attempting to shake his hand. This was according to the affidavit. Moreover, Issac is seen pulling out a gun and then pointing it at Alderete. Then shooting him in the chest. Moreover, the two kept fighting. Therefore, where Alderete was, in fact, shot a second time. Therefore, Issac’s stepdaughter was also shooting in the ankle during the struggle.

In fact, Alderete did pull out a gun after he was shot by Issac. Moreover, it is unclear whether he fired his gun during that particular struggle, according to the affidavit.

Then, Issac did initially deny shooting Alderete when the police did interview him. In fact, when the footage was showing. He did claim moreover, he acting in self-defense and then said Alderete shot himself.

However, police believe Alderete was in the past shooting by Issac in another incident back in April. This was according to the affidavit. Also, the shooting was capturing on video.

In fact, the police said the first incident did occur over a disagreement over a parking space according to Issac.

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