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John Waclawczyk Shot Wife Another Man

John Waclawczyk Shot Wife Another Man
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Last night, around 12:30 AM, police received a call from residents of North Carroll Street about gunfire shots.


When Wilson County authorities arrived at the home that the gunshots were heard from, they went inside and found two dead bodies on the floor.


Police arrested 21-year-old John Michael Waclawczyk.


Wilson County Sheriff says Waclawczyk shot and killed his wife Justine Waclawczyk and a man named Andrew Toscano.


Both Justine and Andrew were in their 20’s. Police found them unresponsive with gunshot wounds.


When police arrived at the location, John Waclawczyk was also there. He was arrested on the spot and held inside as police searched around the house to investigate.


Rangers of U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives helped during the investigation. Texas Rangers were also on the scene.


He was charged with capital murder and taken to Wilson County Jail.


Andrew Toscano was a resident of Floresville who also attended Floresville High School in the past.


The reason for what caused the shooting is still unknown by authorities. The relationship between Andrew and the Waclawczyks is still undetermined as well.

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