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Hundreds of People to Transform Hall Into Shelter for Migrant Kids

You are currently viewing Hundreds of People to Transform Hall Into Shelter for Migrant Kids
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Hundreds of people working quickly in a mad dash to turn an exhibit hall into a safe space 2,400 migrant children are expected to arrive in San Antonio to seek shelter. A humanitarian disaster is what our former “great” president Donald Trump is saying! Can America handle this and survive?

Hundreds of People to Turn Exhibit Area into Living and Play Space for Children

There rows and rows of trucks that are full of supplies that are almost continuous at the Expo Hall. At the Bexar County Community Arenas complex, which is the home of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, the parking lot is packed as tons of people are involved in the endeavor to turn exhibit space into living and play space for children. The children are trying to find their way back to their families.

“For running the facility, the HHS is responsible. I do believe they are going to do a good job,” Judge Nelson Wolff said.

Local People Want to Help Kids

Therefore, Judge Nelson Wolff says that local people want to help the kids. These kids did not choose to be here. Even though the federal government is in charge of this massive undertaking, they need help.

Local Contractors

As a result, local contractors are part of this vast coordinating effort to do the heavy lifting that this job requires. Moreover, for example, three local firms have joined together to provide the children with hot nourishing meals.

Catering Company, Charities

In turn, the RK Group of Greg Kowalski said of his firm and Black Tie Affairs and Chelsea’s Catering are going to work as a team to use local assets to respond to this humanitarian effort.

Citizens to Help

Moreover, Wolff said there will be many ways for citizens to provide help. That goes beyond the physical facility and square meals. “There will be opportunities to donate and share with the children,” Wolff said.

“We want to offer them comfort and care,” said Tara Ford, with Catholic Charities.

Recruiting Volunteers

Moreover, there are no specific skills required. In fact, The local group is trying to recruit volunteers to help.

Spanish-Speaking is Helpful

“If the speak Spanish, it would be very helpful to just basically understand what one of the migrant youth may need,” Ford said.

Hundreds of People: First-Wave of Volunteers

The first group of volunteers is presently at work. As a result, they are helping with set up. Yet, we know more will be needed. Moreover, there is a sign-up currently underway.

Criminal Background Check

“We can process a criminal background check. They will need to register as volunteer,” Ford said.

Arrangement is a Short-Term Contract

This arrangement is a short-term contract, Wolff said. Moreover, it lasts just 60 days. For either party to cancel with just a seven-day notice if conditions change, there is a contract provision.

For more information, visit these websites: Catholic Charities and RAICES.

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