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How Does Boat Transport Work?

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Make sure you ship your boat with the best!
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San Antonians are lucky that there are so many great bodies of water nearby. From the massive Gulf of Mexico to Calaveras Lake, San Antonians have a lot of places where they can take their boat. However, you have to get your boat to those places in the first place! If you’re new to the world of boat transport, we’ll take you on a trip through the whole process. Here’s how you can ship your boat anywhere in the country:

First, you’ll need to find the right trailer.

Most boat owners already have a trailer that can haul their boat safely and properly. However, if you don’t have one already, now might be the time to look for a good one. You’ll need one that can accommodate your boat’s length, width, and height. That last one can be especially sticky with larger boats; you may need a heavy haul trailer like a double drop deck in order to haul a larger boat.

Then, you’ll need to clean your boat.

Do you know that DOT officers across the country check boats to ensure they’re clean? Invasive species are a huge issue when people take their boats from one body of water to another. So, before you ship your boat, you’ll need to clean it well. You should take the time to clean the inside and secure any breakable or loose items, too. After all, you don’t want to arrive at your boating destination needing to clean up a huge mess inside your boat.

Lastly, you’ll need to find the right shipper.

Shipping a boat is not the kind of task you should leave to just anyone. Sure, your friend Joe may have a truck and a hitch, but do you really want to trust him with the whole process of shipping your expensive boat? Instead of risking it, you should trust San Antonio Car Transport to haul your boat safely and securely. Our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to transport a boat without any issues.

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