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Honda Civic Electrifies With New Hybrid Powertrain For 2024

You are currently viewing Honda Civic Electrifies With New Hybrid Powertrain For 2024
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The following step for Honda, in the age of electric vehicles, is naturally to release a hybrid version of the Honda Civic in time for the 2024 model year. According to the company, it’s evident that the Civic is going to come through as both a hatchback and sedan. It will also be powered by a version of the powertrain within the huger Accord hybrid. Hybrid models are not likely to replace the internal combustion engines that have been so common. Those may be sold next to each other after they hit the market in 2024.

This is all in pursuit as they are looking to shift to a wholly electric lineup by 2040.

Honda had since launched a hybrid of the Civic in Europe. Speculation says that the car itself would arrive stateside to swap out with the Insight sedan. It’s not entirely sure how Honda may adjust the Euro-car’s powertrain, which in itself may hold about 2.0-liter and inline-four with two electric motors that can combine for a total of 181 horsepower for the U.S. market. Yet, the biggest hope is how the output may arrive close to the 204 horsepower with a close hybrid setup in the 2023 Accord hybrid.

Consumer interest can come back to sedans and hatchbacks!

The market has been shifting from passenger cars to SUVs and even pickups. But one thing that will always stay popular is electric vehicles. And while Honda has that opportunity to really concentrate their efforts on making EVs all they can be, there’s a whole area of development

Honda is a wildly exciting company with a whole lot of new developments on the way for their EV-centric lineup. For instance, there’s tentative plans to let the consumers have at it with the all-electric Prologue SUV. This could be a crucial moment to define broader electrification for Honda. There’s likely to be plenty more details to find out about the Civic hybrid with as we arrive closer still to the release of this fresh take on a tried-and-true classic.

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