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Holidays: Celebrating On The Road

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The holidays are a busy time. Not everyone gets to celebrate it with their families and it can be quite lonely. You may be lonely, but you aren’t alone. Countless truck drivers and many other services require employees to work the holidays. Here are a number of steps that you can take to ensure a humble holiday.

Celebrating with Others Who Are Alone

As a trucker, you will find plenty of other road warriors truckin’ through the holidays. If you find yourself on delivery, don’t fret! Hop on the intercome and see if anyone is in the area and wants to possibly sit down for a meal!

Volunteering During the Holidays

Volunteering is one of the best ways to connect with your community. If you find yourself stopping in a certain town on Christmas or during Hunnukuh, see if there are any food shelters that need assistance. Making someone else’s holiday brighter often makes yours shine as well.


Do you have people back home? It’s always a good idea to keep in touch with them. Even if its nothing to celebrate, staying up to date with family and friends is important while on the road. Make it a point to contact the people close to you in order to feel that sense of home while away.

Celebrate Early or Late

Sometimes you have to adjust your plans. Celebrating the holiday early or later is no big deal and plenty of people do it! Find the best time for everyone to gather and be festive!

Don’t be a Grinch on the Holidays

Sometimes, knowing that you cannot be with family or your friends during the festive times can be a drag. It takes its toll on you mentally and physically. This can often reflect towards others who are simply trying to help! If you find yourself in a bad mood for being by yourself on the holidays, and someone offers to celebrate it together- TAKE IT! Don’t push them away just because it isn’t what you wanted. Family can be found anywhere!

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