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Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Goes Online!

You are currently viewing Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration Goes Online!
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San Antonio’s annual Hispanic Heritage celebration moves online. This is to, of course, reduce the spread of COVID-19… what else?

But this does not reduce the fun to be had. The series begins on Tuesday, September 15th with a live-stream of El Grito San Antonio. This will feature upbeat music and thrilling dance performances.

As part of the commemoration, Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will recite Hidalgo y Costilla’s legendary speech from 1810. Obrador will also ring the church bell that was also rung over two centuries ago.

Some of the events include a Guadalupe Dance Company performance, Vive Mi Cultura, and El Grito San Antonio. These performances will be vibrant and lively and will still give a sense of community.

Roberto C. Treviño, District 1 Councilman and Honorary Diez y Seis Commission Chair, said:

“Although we can’t gather in person this year, the Fiestas Patrias San Antonio programming will allow us to commemorate the occasion by bringing these meaningful traditions into our homes.”

And what’s more important in celebrating a heritage month than by partaking in traditions?

Consul General of Mexico Rubén Minutti Zanatta talked about the importance of focusing on friendship, unity, and a shared culture during this celebration.

Even though Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month are different this year, the next time it comes around, the interactions will be even sweeter.

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