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Ford GT40 Of Ford V. Ferrari Up For Sale Of Everyday Use

Ford GT40 Of Ford V. Ferrari Up For Sale Of Everyday Use
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Have you ever wanted to be an owner of a real race car? How about a movie car? How about both in one vehicle? That’s essentially the 1966 RCR Ford GT40 from Ford V. Ferrari.

Here’s the Scoop On the Ford

If you’ve watched Ford V. Ferrari then you know that there is only a higher likelihood that the GT40 stunt car can be your’s. It was a set piece in a film taking place in the days of worldwide racing. The film was about how Ford beat Ferrari as the faster car. It therefore showcases the 1966 RCR Ford GT40 replica. And in which case, you can tell that according to the Mecum Auctions, the vehicle was well understood to be the Dan Gurney car. It was brandishing the number 3 as used in the Le Mans race scene. This allows for the vehicle to steal every scene.

In September, this vehicle will be able to be bought soon. The car itself has 295 50R15 tires that wrap all about the golden wheels. From one of the GT40 replicas this is the one which owns a Vehicle Identification Number.

This soon to be available vehicle is likely a Ford V. Ferrari collectible of sorts. It’s to be seriously considered. As you would really want to make sure that the Ford from Ford V. Ferrari. If that makes any sense, then consider that there is asucgh a world where the cars go when they are sold. It is fantastical and yours to seize.

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