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Food Bank Ready To Send Off Turkeys In Time For Thanksgiving

You are currently viewing Food Bank Ready To Send Off Turkeys In Time For Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is coming early for recipients of the food bank.
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When you think about Thanksgiving, it’s not irregular for turkeys to be the first thing on your mind. It’s necessary to officiate the holiday with a bird so filling, that everybody else around will want to enjoy the meal properly. It matters that there’s such a holiday that unionizes the family well enough to reflect on the year with gratitude. Otherwise, how else do we show thanks for being alive in an otherwise hectic news cycle? It’s a must when it comes to showing compassion for others. To eat a Thanksgiving turkey is to taste the physical embodiment of gratitude when the holidays roll around. And what can be done for the people who aren’t able to eat that type of graciousness? Well, the natural response is to help them. That’s what humans are designed to do. To help others in the most compassionate of ways.

And when it comes to providing turkeys, that’s exactly what the San Antonio Food Bank does best.

The San Antonio Food Bank is doing their part in the community by giving away turkeys. Their efforts help beyond 100,000 people every week, and now that inflation is inflating the costs surrounding Thanksgiving, it may officially be their most expensive in recent recorded history.

They say, despite the rising costs, there’s conscious work happening to assist people throughout the holiday season.

The goal? 25,000 turkeys. At this time, they’ve been able to achieve around 20,000 so far. There needs to be about 5,000 more prepared so that folks are able to donate those turkeys out in time.

Turkeys have stayed important for years upon years. Yet, as always, protein is the most sought-after item for the food bank.

An additional way that folks have been able to donate protein is particularly through the Hunters for the Hungry program. With any available hunters out there, they will be able to use this opportunity to donate any meat at the food bank. Including deer. That happens to be a great lean protein. How would we know otherwise that deer helped feed families this holiday season?

Thanksgiving is bloating up this year.

The biggest issue as is evidenced by the American economy inflation is hurting local families in a huge way and that makes having this year’s Thanksgiving much more difficult.

Families struggle as they are concerned about not quite meeting the quota for Thanksgiving. All because they aren’t able to afford the price point of a turkey. Therefore, there’s plenty of distribution sites that may still have turkeys around.

They’re worried that they won’t have Thanksgiving because they can’t afford the price point of a turkey. And so, there’s several distribution sites doing the good work. All because they have a donation that will have turkeys sent out. There are sincere hopes by the food bank in San Antonio that there will be made up in difference.

The San Antonio Food Bank is proud of fighting hunger while feeding 29 county service areas. No kid should go hungry. This is the philosophy according to the San Antonio Food Bank, in a quick surge that will serve all sorts of people fairly. They have been in operation since 1980 and continue to this day to fight hunger, educate and provide resources to families and friends.

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