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ERCOT Issuing Weather Watch Regarding Arctic Cold Front

You are currently viewing ERCOT Issuing Weather Watch Regarding Arctic Cold Front
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Next week, things are about to get intense. Just because of the freezing weather that is likely to approach the state of Texas. Specifically, in the area of southeast Texas. Why? Because things may run cold all the way over there. The ERCOT, also known as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas specifically detailed how the watch will take effect from the days of Monday January 15th to Wednesday January 17th. Such a weather watch is going to be dispensed as there’s such a need for high electrical demand and low reserves due to significant weather conditions, such as extreme heat or even freezing temperatures.

As early as next week, there’s a high likelihood that the temperature will plummet down to the 20s. This may result in a total hard freeze. The cold front is looking to kick into gear on Sunday. Such potential for hard freeze will rely on the temperatures that the days will give off.

Who’s to say that anything will happen sooner than that?

ERCOT thinks that for now the grid conditions should stay normal, all while you can observe the conditions in real-time upon the website for ERCOT. They run the state’s power grid, which doesn’t totally cover all of Texas. The reliability has kept up to shape for many years. Specfically, after the historic February 2021 freeze from when Texas had to engage with 44 hours of straight-up freezing temperatures.

Such a storm had brought snow, with a low rate of 13 degrees, while there’s also been a zero-degree wind chill that has given millions the lack of assistance in electricity and clean water for days and even weeks.

In such a terrible instance, 246 people died. So hopefully, it’s better than the one during Christmas week of 2022, too. It’s best to be watchful.

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