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Drug Deal Turns Into Double Homicide

Drug Deal Turns Into Double Homicide
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Over the weekend, a rapidly developing story traced the events a Saturday evening double murder. Once all the facts rolled in, authorities concluded the double homicide resulted from a bad drug deal.

The incident occurred around 6:30 pm on Friday night. Police arrived at the 1700 block of Jackson-Keller Road after calls came in regarding sick or injured persons. When they arrived, they discovered a grisly scene.

Still seated in their vehicle, a silver Kia, two bodies rested lifeless with gunshot wounds. Each took bullets to the backs of their heads. Police documents reveal there was no chance to save either. They pronounced the unidentified men dead at the scene.

Subsequent to the discovery of the bodies, police commenced their investigation. A survey of the surrounding ground uncovered a pair of bullet casings. They determined the casings were from .380 caliber ammunition.

Also while conducting their on scene investigation, witness interviews revealed the most pertinent information.

Victims’ Girlfriends Reveal Drug Deal Gone Bad

In the course of taking statements from nearby residents, a pair of women approached investigators. They identified themselves as the girlfriends of the victims.

One explained how she and her boyfriend came to meet the alleged suspect. After speaking with him online, they visited his apartment to purchase edibles. The connection alludes to a motive involving a dispute over a drug deal. She then told police where he lived, but they didn’t have to travel there to find 20-year-old Zion J. Limon.

While she spoke with police, she spotted Limon walking nearby. Officers seized the opportunity. They spoke with Limon and found the murder weapon, a .380 handgun, on his person.

When the women directly asked whether he killed their boyfriends, he replied, “I want my lawyer, it was self defense.” Police also found a gym bag with more weapons and bloodied clothes.

They made their arrest at the scene. Limon faces charges of capital murder.

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