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Critical Race Theory Prevented From Being Taught by a Bill

You are currently viewing Critical Race Theory Prevented From Being Taught by a Bill
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Critical Race Theory is on the “chopping block so to speak.” In fact, Republican lawmakers in a Southern state have passed Senate Bill 3. They are trying to take control, as some, probably Democrats, see it as how certain topics are discussing in schools. Therefore, there is momentum to try and preventing “critical race theory” from being taught.

Critical Race Theory is in Higher-Level Education

The teachers in San Antonio, Texas, have said, however, the theory isn’t being taught in schools anyway. What’s more typical is the Critical Race Theory is being introducing in college-level courses. 

A high school teacher and co-founder of PODER, the Social Justice Caucus of the San Antonio Alliance is Luke Amphlett. He said this bill will make it more difficult for teachers to talk about pertinent topics.

Students Need to Have an Awareness of the Globe and Events that Impact Them

“We have a duty to make sure that our students understand the world around them,” Amphlett said.

Amphlett, a social students teacher at Burbank High School for several years, believes about 98 percent of the students at the school are Latinx. With the passage of HB 3979, his job has got harder. Thus SB 3 does replace the bill. However, both are really similar.

“My students can’t really understand the world around them if this bill’s provisions tie the hands of teachers, thus prevent them from talking about important topics for their students,” Amphlett said.

Trying to put a check on how racism, current events, and the county’s founding are, in fact, taught in schools is the aim of Senate Bill 3.

Senate Bill 3

Moreover, the bill specifies that state teachers don’t have to discuss current events or public policy. That, in fact, slavery is the true reason for the founding of America but, instead, rather a deviation of the nation’s principles. Plus it can’t provide credit to students who choose to participate in political activism. That can’t be good! Freedom and civil liberties are paramount to a healthy society!

The bill will go into effect right away once signed by Governor Greg Abbott.

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