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Crisis Nursery To Arrive In San Antonio

You are currently viewing Crisis Nursery To Arrive In San Antonio
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For families facing similar struggles, the City of San Antonio is considering a solution: a “crisis nursery.” This would be a safe place where children at immediate risk of abuse or neglect could stay overnight. District 4 Councilwoman Adriana Rocha Garcia and District 8 Councilman Manny Pelaez have proposed the idea, recognizing the need to support families in crisis.

Crisis nurseries have been around since the 1970s, started by community groups wanting to help vulnerable children. The goal is not only to provide a safe haven but also to support families in addressing the root causes of their crises.

The specifics of the program—where it will be located, how much it will cost—are still being worked out. But one thing is clear: it will prioritize areas with the greatest need. Services will include assessments, residential care, emergency assistance, and follow-up support, all provided free of charge.

Jessica Dovalina, assistant director for the city’s Department of Human Services, emphasized that the program aims to assist parents as well, offering long-term stability through intervention, support groups, and housing services.

Jeannette Rico, who grew up in San Antonio’s foster system, knows firsthand the importance of keeping families together. She believes that providing support for parents while ensuring children have a safe place to stay is crucial. Separating families should be a last resort.

Council members Marina Alderete Gavito and Phyllis Viagran also voiced their support for the initiative, highlighting the need to address special cases and to provide resources for parents struggling with abusive behavior.

It’s important to note that the crisis nursery is not meant to replace interventions from Child Protective Services but to offer an alternative approach, focusing on prevention rather than reaction.

As the city moves forward with this plan, it will consider funding, feasibility, and best practices. The ultimate goal is to provide a lifeline for families in crisis, helping them weather the storm together.

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