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Coronavirus Quarantine In San Antonio

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Texas saw its first coronavirus infection this week. The patient returned with 90 other evacuees on a flight from the Hubei Province in China. Of the passengers, only 1 exhibited symptoms.

While the other 90 remain in quarantine on a San Antonio airforce base, the individual showing signs of infection was placed in isolation at a local hospital.

The quarantine on the military base lasts for 2 weeks. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention established the 14-day stipulation after scientists determined the likely incubation period for the coronavirus.

Americans evacuated from the epicenter of the outbreak flew into military bases in Texas, California, and Nebraska. An additional 2 infections were confirmed from the 232 individuals landing in San Diego. Similar to the patient in San Antonio, those two remain isolated in a local hospital for treatment.

All evacuees must remain in quarantine for the two week period. Those who landed last week will be released on February 20, so long as they don’t demonstrate any signs of infection.

Coronavirus Threat

The coronavirus remains a serious threat in mainland China. The country’s Hubei province announced an additional 242 death on Thursday, with new infections numbering more than 14,000.

That brings the total number of deaths due to the virus to 1,370. The total number of infections exceeds 60,000 at present.

Beyond China, more than 25 countries reported coronavirus infections totaling 570.

International airports around the world implemented screening procedures as a result of the outbreak. Now, many countries imposed travel advisories. The United States, for example, issued a level 4 do not travel warning to citizens.

China has effectually quarantined the entirety of the Hubei province in an effort to eliminate the outbreak’s spread.

Cases in the United States only number 15. Quarantine and screening measures continue to monitor the potential arrival of new cases.

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