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Which Do You Choose?…. San Antonio International Airport Versus Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

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Two major cities in Texas are competing for having the better airport. When travelling how many of you compare prices between Austin and San Antonio? Which one do you choose, the Texas capital or the historical city of Austin?

The price gap between the two is quite a difference. Reported on the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has jump from 54 to 16 on the national list of popular airports in the county. Also, the average plane ticket for a flight out of Austin costs about $293 dollars. Unlike Austin, San Antonia ranks 71st on the list but went up from its previous ranking of 84. The average cost of airfare is much higher than Austin coming to about $434. The price difference plays a major role for flyers. It is a major factor to be considered.

Political Involvement

Wednesday, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff formally announced his support for Mayor Ivy Taylor in her upcoming re-election bid.

The reason being his support was his will to continue the job they have been working on together for year. His aim is to continue working with the Mayor on jobs such as bettering the air service at the San Antonio Airport.

The Judge also commented on the price difference between the airports and mentioned how San Antonio Airport needs to be improved soon. A task force has been put into place in order to help take care of the issue. Also, a mission statement is being added in hope of improving service at San Antonio Airport.

He mentions the importance of starting instantly, because if they do not start instantly another 20-25 years will pass until another chance comes about for a project like this.

A huge pride factor for airports is the amount of direct routes one offers. The San Antonio Airport has suffered recently due to the lack of direct flights to Mexico, however, this week a new direct route was added en-route to Toronto. The current amount of direct flights offered at San Antonio International Airport is more than 30 locations around Texas and the US.

Currently, the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport offers more than 50 locations worth of direct flights, not only in the US and Texas but all around the world. The airport also offers international direct flights to Frankfurt and London.

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