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Catholic-Run Shelter For Migrants Butts Heads With AG

You are currently viewing Catholic-Run Shelter For Migrants Butts Heads With AG
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The Attorney General is hoping to close down a Catholic-Operated Shelter, all because of politics on the part of Conservatives hating on immigration loopholes. Well, if it wasn’t so hard for people to move in to the United States, then it wouldn’t be such a massive inconvenience on either side. Besides, I thought Conservatives were supposed to love religious organizations ordained by Roman-Catholic origins? Isn’t this hypocritical on their part? Well, you would have to ask Texas’ own Attorney General Ken Paxton. A real repugnant Republican who is suing to revoke Annunciation House’s license. Yet, the Judge in charge was smart enough to side with the nonprofit and is giving them about two weeks to respond towards a strong demand for records by AG’s word.

The public records he’s asking for is supposedly suggesting that the Annunciation House is allowing for illegal activity to happen under their supervision. Additionally, the Texas law enhances penalties for the smugglement of folks all over the border. Which truly is unfair.

The fresh new law is one of plenty made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the last year. In specific, it actually drives forward the reason to fight against the law and the establishment anyway.

Annunciation House, a true saint in building form, operates many shelters throughout the border of Ciudad Juarez in Mexico filed the suit when the Attorney General’s Office themselves had issued an administrative subpoena. As a response, the group had wanted 30 days to come through with a comeback. Why Paxton can’t wait is beyond me.

Ruben Garcia founded Annunciation House and has been running it since 1978. With space for migrants and refugees ever since. They’ve been able to move through smoothly within the previous two administrations, thanks to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as those eras’ Customs and Border Protection departments. These days, the best that migrants and refugees can hope for is turning over to immigration authorities while also requesting asylum.

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