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Cartel Leader Indicted On Drugs and Weapons Charges

You are currently viewing Cartel Leader Indicted On Drugs and Weapons Charges
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If you know anything about Juan Gerardo Treviño-Chavez, you’re wise. You may also know that the Egg has recently been indicted on charges regarding drugs and weapons. The indictment comes in after the cartel leader was deported from Mexico and arrested in the United States.

There had been alleged involvement in drug trafficking in the United States and Mexico. There, Treviño-Chavez has his involvement and was subsequently charged with 11 counts of unlawful distribution of controlled substances. This is full of money laundering and other such crimes. Like possession of a machine gun in advance of drug trafficking and conspiracy. This is all with the intent to spread cocaine, meth, and weed.

From the arrest on, Huevo and his gang has attacked the city of Nuevo Laredo. And further, all the way from the Rio Grande to Laredo. In this case, there was an attack on the U.S. consulate with gunfire.

So what did Treviño do?

The cartel that Huevo was involved with as the leader, Cartel Del Noreste, has been the centerpiece of some very bloody and very scary turf battles throughout Mexico, in which case the law enforcement of Mexico and a rival Gulf cartel has become wild against the existing cartel.

Right back in 2019, gunmen all around the Northeast are staging a huge gunbattle in some other border state. Specifically, Coahuila, where 24 people were would lose their lives, mercilessly. A cartel leader is certainly a dangerous person.

In which case, there had been four state policemen, a local firefighter, an employee of the town’s public works department, and plenty more in the small town of Villa Union. It’s there that 18 suspected gunmen have died in the confrontations.

Ricardo Mejia dropped a surprise bomb on the news. Treviño himself was taken out of the country because he himself is actually a United States citizen.

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