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Businesses are Unsure What Rules to Follow on Vaccine Mandates

Businesses are Unsure What Rules to Follow on Vaccine Mandates
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Businesses don’t know what to do about what vaccine mandates they should follow. This would be in regard to the governor in a Southern state’s new executive order. It would ban all entities from mandating COVID-19 vaccine. It will add more confusion what will soon have to follow a Biden administration vaccine mandate.

Businesses Feel Stuck in the Middle

A group that owns and operates many local area hotels in Texas is Humble Origin Hospitality. Vijay Patel is the CEO. He said he does feel stuck in the middle of Abbott’s new executive order. This is also regarding the Biden administration’s rules on vaccination policies.

“We don’t know which one to listen to right now,” Patel said. “I will be in trouble with the state if I can tell you if I’m going to listen to the Biden administration. As well as I can tell you I’m gonna listen to Governor Abbott. Then, as a result, I will be in trouble with the national mandate. Therefore, we are totally unsure.”

100 or More Employees

Patel said in September shortly after the Biden administration did announce it would instruct OSHA. To, therefore, enforce a rule that requires private businesses to mandate vaccinations if they did have 100 or more employees. However, Patel who does manage more than 150 employees has said he didn’t at first feel comfortable with forcing it on his staff. Though he did say the wide majority already got the vaccine.

“Though, we already strongly suggest our staff to get the vaccine. It is their choice if they do or don’t,” Patel said in September. 

As early as next week, President Biden’s vaccination-or-regular testing requirement could, in fact, be final, and it would be pending a final White House review.

The critics of Abbott’s most current move do claim it goes against his prior stance on private businesses. Abbott did announce that businesses “get to choose to operate… the way they want to.”

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