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Brake Safety Curbs 5,000 Trucks Over Brake Safety Week: Why?

You are currently viewing Brake Safety Curbs 5,000 Trucks Over Brake Safety Week: Why?
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Brake Safety, of course! That’s why! Apparently, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance-certified roadside inspectors did not like how 5,156 trucks were operating with out-of-service violations. That’s about 12% of the 43,565 trucks being inspected during this blitz. (This blitz of which was way back in August.)

“It was important that we resumed inspection and enforcement duties as soon as it was safe to do so,” said CVSA President Sargeant John Samis in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the spree, inspectors had to find trucks and discuss whether they knew what brake safety meant or not. In some incidents, they would find brake hoses chafing like crazy. The CVSA says they usually undergo separation into five levels, two of which should be on out-of-service terms.

6,697 hose chafes were caught, as a result. Out of them, 1,012 were leading to orders, out-of-service.

Brake Safety Matters Why?

Because if nobody cares about brake safety, who will care about brake violence? Everybody! This isn’t a discussion, it’s a matter of fact. You have to get your brakes checked and you have to keep them from being chafed. If they’re chafed, you’re screwed. Essentially, you’re going through what they call in the industry, a FUBAR. I don’t need to explain what that is because I don’t need to recieve chastising over an acronym. The point is, driving is hard as it is. Driving a truck is even harder. How about driving without regards to brake safety?


Don’t be an idiot, who thinks that just because it hasn’t happenned yet, it never will. It totally will! If not to you, then to one of your buddies.

Be smart. Check your brake safety. Don’t get parked by the CVSA.

That’s just another precaution you have to take in this long road of trucking. It’s dangerous but thrilling, all at the same time.

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