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Bosch Is Being A Brute! They Take A Stance Against Electric Vehicles

You are currently viewing Bosch Is Being A Brute! They Take A Stance Against Electric Vehicles
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You know that auto supplier, Bosch, right? They happen to be the world’s largest supplier for automobiles. And you would, therefore, think that they know something and value everything about electric vehicles. So if that’s the case, why is it that they’ve suddenly taken a stance… against EVs? This is contradictory to their moves, considering that they had bought out the solid-state battery start-up Seeo Inc. The idea was that they’d work together to bring new battery technologies to market by 2020 with 50 kilowatt battery packs that only weigh about 190 kilograms. The problem is, they later announced that they wouldn’t go through with the plane, and even divested from the respective battery cell production assets. Meanwhile, Bosch supervisory board chairman Franz Fehrenbach likes to believe that there will be double standards to the alternative to combustion engines and even that electric cars “are not climate-neutral.”

Why doesn’t Bosch put the kibosh to the debauchery?

Because they’re too busy following the latest trends to do that! Don’t you see? The company even said in a statement that it was way “too risky” to go through with their original plan. Now, granted, maybe Fehrenbach has a bit of soreness about him after the governments across the sea have been stricter. There’s talk of deadlines banning the sale of new vehicles sold with internal combustion engines.

But that’s no means of needing to be a jerk about it! The chairman goes on to say that electric vehicles have infrastructure problems. That’s given the need for an additional million charging stations.

It just doesn’t seem very smart for the head of a department at Bosch to totally cast off the benefits. For example, BEVs (battery-electric vehicles) are utilizing an electric grid that is way cleaner and cheaper than the fossil fuel counterparts. So Bosch needs to get their stories straight if they want to stay on top.

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