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Biden is Bringing Electric Back: How will this happen?

Biden is Bringing Electric Back:  How will this happen?
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The further we get from the results of Election Day, the closer we get to a future with a president who isn’t visibly trying to up the shock factor. But with changes come challenges. President-Elect Joe Biden and VP-to-be Kamala Harris have more than enough on their plate for the next four years. So will their joint promise of fighting climate change with integrity come to pass? Or is this a fad that he chose to bandwagon behind, just to beat Donald Trump? Let’s look at the specifics and see whether or not his grand idea could just disappear in a cloud of thunderlessness.

Joe Biden and his “Zero-Emissions” initiative

From day one, he’s planning to move the federal government and their procurement system in the irection of maintaining usage of clean vehicles. 100% of light to medium-duty vehicles are also slated to be “electrified.”

The Legislative Agenda

Secondly, in his quest to speed up the process, Biden wants to work alongside governors and mayors around the U.S. to deploy charging stations. At least 500,000. Yes, it is a lot. WIll it be a plan that can call for proper action on the part of local governmental powers? It will restore the electric vehicle tax credit as a result.

Eco-Friendly Cabinet Members

Of course, Biden won’t be able to make this work all by himself. There will be struggles he’ll face. So, naturally, the guy’s going to need some help. And who better to help him than certain political members of the U.S. such as former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer and current Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles?

The Obstacles?

Consider this: Yes, the reign of Donald Trump may be finally coming to a close in America, but the Senate is still largely run by Republicans. Not to mention, gas will be hella low.

So in theory, yes. It would be nice for Biden to make our country look less like a landfill for bygone dreams. But realistically? He’s got some roadblocks that electricity may need to work harder than longer on in order to overcome.

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