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Bexar County Is Well-Informed Of The Importance of Voting

You are currently viewing Bexar County Is Well-Informed Of The Importance of Voting
As it turns out, it's election season again in Bexar County. And the most useful thing you could do is know why voting matters.
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Election season is here once again in Texas. And this year means big things for the Texans you’re surrounded by.

Bexar County made it well-known that voters would have to cast their ballots at whichever locations were most applicable for them. In Lions Field polling location, it’s known that you can make your voice heard there. Cindy Cuevas, a local of Bexar County would say ““Your vote makes a difference regardless. If we don’t vote together, we are constantly reminding each other, we need to make sure to make it a point to get out.”

Cuevas would come before the polls had their own opening. It’s when you possess a voting buddy that you’re able to keep either accountable for each other.

Bexar County is A Necessary Polling Hub.

Greenberg is really the second person to have voted at Lions Field before the polls open up at 7 am. This may be just because of the primary midterm election where it’s not so much of an important one.

“Presidential (election) is one thing, but this is a state election. We got two big choices for governor (There are) big choices between Democrat and Republican, we would change the state dramatically depending on how it goes.”

Cuevas was certain that the invasion of Ukraine watches the emotional situation of people fleeing their country to fight for freedom.

Cuevas says “I thought about everything that is happening in Ukraine where people don’t have rights right now and we are really blessed to be able to have decisions that make a difference.”

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