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American Rescue Plan Gifts $30 Million To Folks For Utility Assistance

You are currently viewing American Rescue Plan Gifts $30 Million To Folks For Utility Assistance
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For customers of CPS Energy and San Antonio Water Systems, there are rumors going around. That detail millions of American federal dollars of utility assistance. Such of which are available for customers of all sorts. In fact, it might as well be a reality, as the city council was able to approve use for 30 million dollars from the rescue plan. Such funds are specific to those who live in poverty and live on the edge of electricity or water disconnected.

20 million dollars in American federal assistance is going through in order to assist the CPS Energy customers who may have fallen on tough times with the bills, being that the COVID-19 pandemic has set people back. 10 million other dollars are going to SAWS customers.

The 10 million dollars for sure will be of help to the San Antonio Water Systems. Of course, either utility owes about 173 million dollars in past-due bills. So the intensity could never be higher. In such an instance, that’s about 143 million more than the assistance approved. Melodie Woosley, Director of San Antonio Human Services holds a strong opinion to light. “That number came through analysis of people who are in real danger of disconnection,” says Melodie Woosley, Director of San Antonio Human Services.

In order to meet qualifications, certain customers would need to sign up with payment plans. These being specific to the utility that they would owe money to. Woosley goes on: “Even if we are able to pay off their full bill they are going to have bills moving forward and the payment plan can help them smooth out those balances.” It must be very important to go door to door and make calls. In order to sign people up for what could potentially be a lot of money. District 3 Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran had more to say. “It’s huge because we are coming out of a pandemic and people are still worried about the virus so they are staying at home and they’re not coming out is much and we wanna make sure we’re getting the message out to them.”

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