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Alcohol-to-Go is Closer to Becoming Law to Help Businesses Survive

You are currently viewing Alcohol-to-Go is Closer to Becoming Law to Help Businesses Survive
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Alcohol-to-go sales and to keep it in the state is the plan of Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the middle of a pandemic and tense transition of presidential power.

Abbott made this promise in the state during his opening remarks to the house on Tuesday. This was the first day of the 2021 legislative session.

Alcohol-To-Go Making it an Option

Allowing restaurants to offer alcoholic beverages with food purchases, including beer, wine, and mixed drinks is a waiver Abbott signed on March 18th.

Abbott also hinted at making this an option. It began earlier last year as a way to keep businesses afloat during the early pandemic-era shutdown, permanent.

Alcohol-To-Go: a Permanent Waiver

On January 7th, Senator Kelly Hancock and Representative Charlie Geren filed a bill that would make that waver permanent. However, the bill has not passed yet the important stages to become law. Yet Abbott did circle back to the alcohol option. He did this while giving kudos to Dade Phelan because he was elected Speaker of the Texas House.

House, Senate Need to Work Together for the Sake of Texas Residents

The House and Senate need to work together throughout the next 140 days on issues that “matter most” to Texas residents.

Putting Texas on a Future Course for Great Things!

“We have the chance to not only respond to the hurdles we face over the next 140 days. But, we also have a huge opportunity to put Texas on the path to a future of even bigger hope and opportunity,” Abbott said in his opening remarks. “With more urgency now, Texas needs the Legislature to win this session. What’s of equal importance, America needs Texas to be a leader. And if we do this, then we will plan a course toward a healthier, safer, freer, and more productive future for every Texan resident and they can have a brighter future.”

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