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Airlines In San Antonio Face Extremely Low Business Traveler

Airlines In San Antonio Face Extremely Low Business Traveler
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Airlines across the country are facing the same thing – no business. COVID-19 has put a halt to many industries – a major one – traveling.

The effects of the virus can be seen throughout the world. In America, where major airports and companies transport over 1,750,000 people a day, the virus is dealing a major blow.

Airlines outside of San Antonio are feeling the sting as business travel rates are plummeting. With many staying inside or working from home, the airport is trying the best they can to keep travelers coming in despite the virus.

One major sector – business traveling – is being hit the hardest. While many are still trying to get from one place to another, businesses that are shut down do not require workers to venture elsewhere.

Senior vice president at Avitas, Adam Pilarski commented on the matter.

“It is likely that business travel will never return to pre-COVID levels. It is one of those unfortunate cases where the industry will be permanently impaired and what we lost now is gone, never to come back.”

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the industry. As the virus continues to work its way through America, the country will see little to no travel until it is over.

For many businesses such as American Airlines, incentive packages are now outweighing the cost of a trip.

Airlines will pick up during holiday season.

Many analysts are expecting the holiday season to bring the numbers up. With people visiting families and going from state-to-state, the industry is seeing full flights.

This is, of course, months away. While the Winter months look to bring things back up to speed, there is a lot of time between now and then. At the current time, many companies are waiting.

The results of limited corporate travel is not likely to return with any force. This may be one sector that will not be coming back anytime soon.

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